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July/August 2020

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26 J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 2 0 I N D U S T R Y INSIDER Sugar-reducing juice system created by Better Juice Better Juice, Ltd., the first foodTech startup to develop innovative technology to reduce all types of sugars in orange juice, announces its patent-pending technology is now scaling up. The startup is installing a semi-industrial pilot plant that also will be available for future testing at global partners' plants. The pilot plant features the company's sugar reduction process in a continuous flow technology that ensures a consistent, safe and effective enzymatic process. Better Juice developed an enzymatic technology that uses all- natural ingredients to convert fructose, glucose and sucrose into prebiotic dietary fibers and other non-digestible molecules. Better Juice's new pilot plant system marks a significant milestone in the startup's commercial scale-up timeline. It is able to reduce up to 80% of simple sugar in orange juice at a rate of up to 50 liters/hour. Better Juice's non-GMO technology is designed to target the specific sugar composition in the orange juice to naturally create a low calorie reduced-sugar product that has a delicate sweetness. It is accomplished without using sweeteners or other additives to replace the sugars in the juice. One of the major hurdles in continuous flow reduction of sugars in natural juices is keeping the process contamination-free even through large-scale production, without damaging the enzymatic activity. Better Juice developed a new device crafted from stainless steel, with aseptic fittings and welding, together with a unique process that guarantees a continuous, safe flow for its enzymatic sugar-reduction process for weeks at a time without interrupting the sterilization stage. Better Juice was founded December 2017 by a team of biochemists and microbiologists from the industry and of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The company received its founding and is supported by The Kitchen Hub-Strauss Group's food-tech incubator, Maverick Ventures Israel and other global partners. Kalera to open vertical farming facility in Houston Vertical farming company Kalera plans to open a new state-of- the-art growing facility in Houston in the spring of 2021. Kalera's new Houston facility will be the largest vertical farming facility in Texas. In a press release, the company cited it as the "next step" in its mission to bring leafy greens to consumers that are "fresher" and "safer" than field-grown lettuce. The company utilizes cleanroom technology and processes to eliminate the use of chemicals and remove exposure to pathogens. With indoor facilities situated right where the demand is, Kalera is able to supply an abundance of produce locally, MORE ONLINE Get all the latest news and updates online at + eliminating the need to travel long distances when shipping perishable products. Kalera's plants grow while consuming 95% less water compared to field farming. Kalera is able to quickly open its newest growing facility in Houston as a result of a streamlined design and construction process. As Kalera accelerates its growth over the next few years, it will continue to open additional facilities, expanding production capacity throughout the U.S. and internationally. The new facility is being announced a mere two months after Kalera announced it will be opening a new facility in Atlanta in early 2021 — an announcement that took place less than two months after it opened its second Orlando farm. While Kalera's Atlanta farm is slated to be the highest production volume vertical farm in the Southeast, the new Houston facility will be even larger, and will generate dozens of new jobs for the local Houston community. Vie-Del acquires high-concentration operation from Constellation Vie-Del Company, the oldest family-owned grape processor and supplier of bulk juices, concentrate, brandy, wine and spirits in California, announced that a definitive agreement was signed June 24, 2020, with Constellation Brands U.S. Operations (CBUSO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Brands Inc., to acquire the Constellation's grape concentrate and high-color concentrate business. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and requires Federal Trade Commission (FTC) review and clearance. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The agreement includes CBUSO's Mega Purple, Mega Red, MegaNatural and Canandaigua Concentrate brands used in CBUSO's concentrates and high-color concentrate business and certain intellectual property, inventory, goodwill, interests in certain contracts, assets and liabilities. Vie-Del plans to incorporate the MegaNatural High Color Concentrate product lines under the corporate Vie-Del Company brand and legacy product lines. This acquisition strengthens Vie-Del's capabilities and positions the company as a leader in the high-color concentrate business. Together with Vie-Del's existing concentrate business, these new capabilities will further enhance the company's ability to serve the needs of the marketplace. Founded in 1946, Vie-Del is a family-owned fruit processor, winery and distillery operated by the Nury family. One of the oldest California-based grape processors and suppliers of bulk juices, concentrate, brandy, wine and spirits, the company also produces a variety of other products for sale to the wine, spirit, food and beverage industries. T H E P UL S E N E W S F R O M A R O U N D T H E I N D U S T R Y

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