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May/June 2021

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4 M A Y / J U N E 2 0 2 1 4 A division of Great American Publishing ISSN 2375-3447 Editorial and advertising offices at Great American Media Services, a division of Great American Publishing, P.O. Box 128, Sparta, MI 49345 Phone: 616-887-9008 Fax: 616-887-2666 Printed six times a year in the U.S.A. Copyright 2021 Produce Processing is $25 per year and $55 for three years if residing in the U.S.; $56 (U.S.) per year Canada; and $100 (U.S.) per year other foreign countries. Digital subscription: $9.95 per year. Single copy and back issues: $6. The opinions and views expressed by authors, contributors and advertisers in Produce Processing do not necessarily reflect those of the editors and publisher. Appearance in Produce Processing does not constitute endorsement by Great American Media Services or Produce Processing of the advertiser, its products, or services. Great American Media Services and Produce Processing accepts no responsibility of liability for the validity or accuracy of information supplied by contributors, vendors, advertisers, or advertising agencies. Great American Media Services and Produce Processing do not make any claims or guarantees as to the accuracy or validity of information supplied by contributors, vendors, advertisers or advertising agencies. For subscription information, visit our website at Permission is granted for reprinting material, except for commercial or advertising purposes, providing Produce Processing is given full credit. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes and corrections to Great American Publishing, PO Box 318, Lincolnshire IL 60069 THE PROCESS Z E K E J E N N I N G S Two years ago, Produce Processing published an article, titled "Five tips to attract young consumers to frozen vegetables." In it, we wrote about topics like marketing, packaging and product development based on a presentation by Fresh Insight's Elena Ozeritskaya. Nowhere was it mentioned that a really good way to turn people on to frozen produce is a global pandemic. That's not to make light of the seriousness of COVID-19, but the fact of the matter is that buying and eating habits have changed since March 2020. While pre-pandemic eating and buying patterns will return to a degree, perhaps in large part, these new experiences forced by the pandemic will have long-term effects on how and what people eat. Less eating out has naturally been a boon for the retail food sector. Produce sales overall had a big year in 2020, but shelf- stable and frozen saw an even higher increase than fresh. Frozen produce saw a 21% increase in total sales last year. (See Page 6 for more on that trend.) Because of COVID concerns and everything that came along with government-imposed restrictions, consumers were buying more in the retail sector, but they were not going to the store as often. This, of course, meant they were keen on products with longer shelf lives, frozen and shelf-stable produce included. By and large, the pandemic hasn't been kind to the foodservice sector. Unfortunately, stories of restaurants not being able to withstand the decreased traffic and shuttering are getting to be commonplace. The decrease in numbers and uncertainty has some foodservice operators and chefs re-examining their kitchen model. Operators can get longer shelf lives out of their frozen produce options than they can fresh. Dietician and chef Abbie Gellman tells Produce Processing there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. "You're not losing anything, nutritionally by having frozen versus fresh," she said. "And in some cases, it might even be more nutritious because fresh fruit and vegetables might be traveling a long distance or sitting out for a long period of time." Acceptance and want for frozen produce is definitely on the rise. Frozen produce is thriving Zeke Jennings Managing Editor email Zeke: Office 616-887-9008 Editorial Managing Editor Zeke Jennings, 616-520-2159 Editorial Director Tim Hodson, 616-520-2161 Advertising Sales Integrated Marketing Andrea Schafer, 616-520-2139 Consultant Vice President/ Gerry Bogdon, 616-520-2150 Group Publisher Production Production Assistant Jolan Godfrey, 616-520-2148 Multimedia Designer Greg Ryan, 616-520-2145 Creative Director Kristina Howell, 616-520-2168 Circulation Circulation Becky Stovall, 616-520-2138 Corporate CEO Matt McCallum, 616-520-2133 COO & CMO Kimberly Baker, 616-520-2135 CFO & Director of Deb Carnes, 616-520-2169 Human Resources Editorial Advisory Board Adrienne Seiling, American Frozen Food Institute Rudi Groppe, Heinzen Manufacturing International Lou Cooperhouse, Rutgers Food Innovation Center Sherrie Rosenblatt, Can Manufacturers Institute Leonard Batti, Taylor Farms, Salinas, California

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