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July/August 2021

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Effectief en veilig drogen Spiral washer SW-50 Floating or sinking makes no difference BSM-150 thinks for itself IN now available with UV-C water disinfection NEW High cutting quality due to the smart software, adjustable pressure of the upper belt and the high quality knives, amongst others. IN Suitable for a broad variety of products • leafy vegetables • cabbage varieties • herbs • fruiting vegetables • tuber crops • and many more... Many different cuts • waffl e cut • julienne cut • rasp cut The spiral washer is suitable for both fl oating and sinking (cut) vegetables. A pump circulates the water through the washer. The residence time of the product can be regulated effortlessly through the use of the adjustable valves and nozzles. The machine is fully customizable through the use of various options, such as: • fl ycatcher • cooling coil • air injection • dosing unit for additives • UV-C water disinfection Touchscreen with hygienic membrane front and standard digital temperature display. Suitable for many types of vegetables both fl oating and sinking. Flexible and versatile many options for specifi c products and processing requirements. IN Equipped with robust bearings batch capacity up to 33 lbs: 50% more than comparable machines. Ergonomic working height due to low basket input. Work safely due to magnetic locking of the lid.

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